Resilience Live Episode 6
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Resilience Live Episode 6 airs on February 29, 2024!

Watch Dr. Christine Mortimer as she explores the role of Geoheritage globally in the age of the Anthropocene. Her episode will ask the challenging questions of the 21st Century which are connected to limitless growth, the human and non-human need for Geoheritage to provide place, space and time, and Hannah Arendt’s ideas around thoughtlessness. These critical questions will be explored through a multi-disciplinary perspective, invoking not just science, but also the Arts and Humanities in how we chart a way forward that will lead to sustainable resilience in the face of current human-made global challenges.

Her Resilience Live Episode, in partnership with Biology Society LPU – Laguna, UPLB-Interdisciplinary Studies Center for INREM, University of the Philippines Rockhounds, UP Volcano Techtonics Laboratory, and Association of Filipino Forestry Students – UPLB, airs on February 29, 2024.

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